About IGH

Every cell is sexed and every person is gendered. Sex and gender influence our risk of developing certain diseases, how well we respond to medical treatments, and how often we seek health care. Did you know that in Canada, men typically die younger than women, yet more women than men struggle with chronic illnesses? Why? These are complicated questions. The more we understand how sex and gender affect health, the more we can improve health and wellbeing for everyone. It starts with better science.

Who we are

As part of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Institute of Gender and Health is an international leader in fostering research that explores how sex and gender influence health. Through our commitment to knowledge translation, we facilitate the application of these research findings to address pressing health challenges facing men, women, girls, boys and gender diverse people. Our mandate is unique and cuts across all areas of health research.

What we do

IGH is more than a funding institute. In our short history, we've built a community of researchers and knowledge users who are integrating sex and gender in their work to spark discovery, innovation and health impact. Exciting breakthroughs prove that this field is advancing - not just in the lab, but also in policy and practice. Yet, there's more to do in order to realize our vision of a world where sex and gender are systematically integrated as key considerations in health research and its application. Under our current strategic plan, we are focused on transforming our health research systems, our research methods, and the outcomes of gender, sex and health research. We are shaping science for a healthier world. The future of gender, sex and health research is full of opportunity. Have you considered the possibilities?

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