Review Quality Checklist

The following checklist was developed as a practical tool to assist applicants/reviewers to apply the review quality criteria to their received/submitted written reviews.

Criterion Definition Interpretation
Appropriateness Review comments are fair, understandable, original, confidential and respectful.
  • Review respects the Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy
  • Absence of comments that suggest bias against the applicant(s) due to sex, ethnicity, age, language, career stage, institutional affiliation, or geographic location
  • Review is original, and written in clear and understandable language
  • Absence of comments that can be construed as sarcastic, flippant or arrogant
Robustness Review is thorough, complete and credible.
  • Review contains a detailed justification of the rating, including meaningful and clearly expressed descriptions of both the application strengths and weaknesses
  • Comments align with the given rating
  • Review addresses all applicable adjudication criteria and does not include information that is not relevant to the adjudication criteria
  • All other sections relevant to the funding opportunity are complete (i.e. Budget Recommendation and Sex and/or Gender Considerations)
  • All comments on grant content are factually correct
  • Absence of statements which could put into question the reviewer's scientific knowledge or expertise
Utility Review provides feedback that addresses the needs of reviewers, applicants and funders.
  • Review comments are constructive and may help applicants to improve their future submissions and/or advance their research
  • Review contains information that allows other reviewers to understand the reviewer's rating
  • Review is detailed enough to be used by CIHR to evaluate and refine review process elements

Note: Reviews reflect expert opinions, which are influenced by the scientific knowledge and/or experience of an individual reviewer. Consequently, the review quality criteria are not designed to ensure the validity of a scientific opinion expressed in a review. The validity of scientific opinions is addressed by other elements of the peer review process, such as ensuring appropriate reviewer to application assignments and participation in peer review committee discussions.

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