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General Resources

Cooper H, Hedges LV.
The Handbook of Research Synthesis.
New York: Russell Sage Foundation. 1997.

Scoping Reviews

Daudt H, van Mossel C, Scott S J.
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Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Campbell Collaboration Resource Center.

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Mixed Methods Approaches

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Meta-Narrative Synthesis

Greenhalgh T, Roberts G, Macfarlane F, Bate P, Kyriakidou O, Peacock R.
Storylines of research in diffusion of innovation: A meta-narrative approach to systematic review.
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Realist Synthesis

The RAMESES (Realist And Meta-narrative Evidence Sytheses: Evolving Standards) Project

Pawson R.
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Pawson R, Greenhalgh T, Harvey G, Walshe K.
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Practice Guidelines

The AGREE Collaboration.
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Syntheses for Managers and Policy Makers

Saul JE, Willis CD, Bitz J, Best A
A time-responsive tool for informing policy making: rapid realist review
Implementation Science 2013, 8:103

Moat KA, Lavis JN, Wilson MG, Røttingen J-A, Bärnighausen T.
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Knowledge synthesis: a guide [ PDF (238 KB) - external link ].
The Hague and Woerden: ZonMw and NIGZ. 2007.

Synthesizing evidence for management and policy making (Supplement).
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Syntheses in Biomedical Research

Mignini L, Khan K.
Methodological quality of systematic reviews of animal studies: a survey of reviews of basic research.
BMC Med Res Methodol. 2006;6:10.

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Publication and Reporting Guidelines

Wong G, Greenhalgh T, Westhorp G, Buckingham J, Pawson R.
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BMC Med. 2013; 11: 20.

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